91301: A Cultural Experience

Reyes Adobe – True or False?

The Reyes Adobe was once owned by an LA orthodontist?


Yup…it’s true, the Adobe was owned by an orthodontist with a primary residence in Los Angeles, McKenzie bought the house as an investment in maintaining local history rather than a place where he would ever reside full time. Interested in adobe architecture and its preservation, he proceeded to spend weekends at the property in an effort to renovate the house.
The post-renovation Reyes Adobe is quite different from what stood there prior to Dr. McKenzie’s intervention.  The board and batten is removed from the entire structure and replaced with new white washed adobe bricks.
In 1945, Malcolm McKenzie sold the house and 35 surrounding acres of property to Jon and Myrtis Dodson.

Visit the Reyes Adobe to learn more. Docents and the Museum hours can be found by visiting www.reyesadobe.com.

Like Malcolm McKenzie…enjoy our heritage and spread the word.